Areas of expertise

Our goal is to work with you to navigate through these difficult times successfully.

In all cases, our main aim is to achieve a sensible, workable resolution which will enable our client to obtain peace of mind without unnecessary litigation and the stress and cost that goes with this.

You will find security in our process:

1.) You start with a free initial consultation during which we gather the essential information regarding our client and your circumstances and the circumstances of your spouse or partner.

2.) We provide you an overview on what is reasonable and what is attainable.

3.) We encourage and assist our clients to achieve a negotiated resolution of the property and parenting issues that may need to be addressed.

4.) If required, we encourage the parties to engage in mediation before considering Court proceedings.

5.) If it is necessary to commence Court proceedings, we have the experience and know-how to present a powerful case for our client.

6.) Where it is appropriate, we recommend that our clients and their children seek counselling to help them deal with the difficulties they face.

Our Areas of expertise

1.) Commercial and retail leases
–  acting for the Landlord or the Tenant;

2.) Partnership Agreements;

3.)Setting up companies and negotiating and preparing Shareholder’s Agreements;

4.)Partnership Disputes;

5.)Buying and selling businesses including specialist types of business such as child care centers;

6.)Commercial loan arrangements including Personal Properties Securities Act advice and registration;

7.)Commercial debt recovery;


9.)Commercial disputes and litigation

We will work with you to take charge of the expected and the unexpected that happen as part of life, injury, illness or death using our strength & over 40 years of experience.

Our Areas of expertise

An Enduring Power of Attorney

is, in simple terms, a document whereby the Principal appoints one or more persons to be their Attorney or Agent, enabling them to act for the Principal in commercial matters such as operating bank accounts, buying and selling property and entering into contractual matters.

A Power of Attorney is enduring in that it continues to be effective even though the Principal might lose capacity.  The Attorney can only act to carry out the express implied wishes of the Principal and cannot get a benefit in acting as an Attorney unless this is specifically written into the Power of Attorney documentation.

An Enduring Guardianship

A document where by the Principal appoints one or more Enduring Guardians to make decisions concerning the Principal’s medical treatment and accommodation if the Principal gets to a stage in life where they cannot manage their person.


Written directions as to what happens to their assets upon their death.  If there is only a slight amendment required to a person’s Will it is not necessary to re-do the whole Will but, rather, a short addendum (a Codicil) can be added to the Will to make the minor change.

Estate Planning

The process of looking at the Principal’s family, financial and taxation situation to achieve the best result available.  Where there are beneficiaries who may be financially vulnerable or in difficult unstable relationships or subject to risk in the form of alcohol or drug dependency, a testamentary trust can be established under the Will of the Principal to deal with these difficulties.

Take strength from our expertise and care

The team at Pritchard Group will help you in dealing with deceased estates and the administration of those estates.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of deceased estates and estate administration.

This includes :

Drafting and settling Wills, including complex Wills, dealing with intestacy claims or invalid Will claims or claims against the estate by “persons entitled” claiming for Orders for provision from the estate where there has been inadequate provision or no provision made for the Applicant party.

We advise on beneficiaries’ rights and the duties and responsibilities of Executors and Administrators of estates.

Because of our extensive experience in assisting people in all aspects of estate administration, we have a keen understanding of all of the elements required for the safe, speedy and efficient administration of deceased estates.

As part of our estate planning, we also advise people on the part that superannuation can play with Binding Death Nominations, particularly in relation to blended families.

We deal with Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court, Supreme, District and Local Courts.

We have assisted clients in debt recovery, neighbourhood disputes, and commercial actions through the various Court including appeals to the Court of Appeal and the High Court. We also assist clients in relation to drink driving offences.

Our Journey Began in 1978

Pritchard Law Group is a friendly local practice in the Sutherland shire that has served the needs of individuals and businesses for over 40 years.

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